Watch “Bullying – You Can Stop It”

Let us share this Video with our kids and teach them to be the one who saves victims from bullying and not be the bully. Have a awsome day everyone.

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Do We Really Know?

Do We Really Know?

As this is important to me and I do believe this is something everyone will agree on and this is why I wanted to share this with all of you.

What is A Bully?


  • involves a misuse of power in a relationship
  • is ongoing and repeated, and
  • involves behaviors that can cause harm.

Your child needs to know: Bully has of any kind is not acceptable, for whatever the reason.

How can I tell if my child is involved in bullying?

Children who are bullied or are bullying others may respond and act differently. Your child’s behavior and mood can change for a variety of reasons. Be alert to the possibility that the change may be related to bullying.

You may notice your child:

  • doesn’t want to go to school or participate in school activities
  • changes their route to school or
  • becomes frightened of walking to school
  • drops in academic performance
  • changes sleeping or eating patterns
  • has frequent tears, anger, mood swings or anxiety
  • takes money from home
  • has unexplained bruises, cuts or scratches
  • loses or brings home damaged belongings or clothes
  • asks for extra pocket money or food
  • arrives home hungry.

Often children do not report bullying to their parents. This may be because they are afraid of upsetting their parents, feeling ashamed, afraid of making things worse, or worried that they may lose privileges such as access to the internet.

Listen when your child talks to you about bullying

Your child needs to know that they are being heard. Their feelings matter and their concerns should be taken seriously. Encourage your child to talk about what happened. Explain to your child that reporting the bullies is important and ask questions to get more details if needed: who, what, where, when. It is important that you help your child to find their own solution as this will help them feel that they have some control over the situation. If your child wants to talk to someone other than the school, there are many resources available to us as parents and our kids if you think added support would help.

Discuss strategies to respond to bullying.

Many children and young people want to try to deal with the bullying themselves in the first instance. The strategies below may be useful if your child feels safe using these ideas:

  • ignoring the person doing the bullying.
  • Pretending you don’t care;
  • act unimpressed or not bothered. Pretend to not hear a single word they say, start singing any song out loud while they talk or say something bad.
  • Moving to a place where there is people and you feel safe.

Practice with your child at home so they can use the strategies in situations they find difficult. Give feedback on whether they are getting their message across assertively. Practicing at home can help your child feel more confident about trying the strategies at school.

When do I contact the school?

Your child may be reluctant for you to speak to school staff. Discuss the idea and reassure them that the school would want to know and is able to help. If needed, make an appointment to meet with your child’s teacher. Your could also ask to talk with the principal. Contact the school immediately if you have a concern about your child’s safety.

Help and Support your child by building up strong self confidence and a positive attitude towards the Bullies. Remember to make sure you tell your child every day:

“Your’re NOT weak, Your’re UNIQUE!!”

With Lots of (Love) and Care




Bullied For A Wallet

Bullied For A Wallet“Yippee!” Perer shouts when the school bell rings. At last he can go home. This afternoon he wants to play cricket with the other boys.“Hey! Look out,” a voice suddenly rings out in front of him. He never noticed Bennie. Bennie growls at him. “Sorry,” Peter quickly replies. He wants to walk around Bennie. But Bennie suddenly pushes him and Peter stumbles. Bennie laughs. “Do you have big feet that you fall so easily?” he mocks.

Annoyed Peter straightens himself. A girl, Tanya, helps him. “Thank you,” Peter says. “You’re welcome,” Tanya says. “I saw everything. Bennie really is a bully.”

Peter runs home, it’s quite hot. Fortunately the house isn’t far. Suddenly he notices something in the road. He stops. What is it? It is as big as the palm of his hand. It is brown. And it is made from leather. It’s a wallet! Peter can’t believe his luck. He quickly glances inside the wallet. Wow, it contains money! Peter’s heart beats faster. Then he puts the wallet in his pocket. He quickly glances around to see if someone noticed. Yes!

Somebody is approaching. It’s Bennie. He is only a few steps behind Peter. Peter hurries on. He hopes Bennie hasn’t seen him. He doesn’t want to glance over his shoulder again. The wallet lies safely in his pocket.

When he gets home he will take it out and see how much money it contains. At home Peter puts down his school case. Then he walks to the shady tree next to the house. Carefully he takes the wallet from his pocket. His heart beats faster. He counts the notes. Five hundred and fifty two Rand! He felt rich. But then he hears a familiar voice.

“What are you hiding?” It is Bennie a! Peter hides the wallet behind his back. “Too late. I saw you picking something up,” Bennie says. “That’s why I came to check you out.” Bennie pulls Peter’s arm. His eyes grow wide when he sees the wallet and he takes it. “Wow! This is nice. Are you going to keep it?” Bennie asks.“I don’t know yet,” Peter stammers. Bennie also counts the money. “You know the saying: finders keepers.” Bennie whistles. “You must surely keep it. If I picked it up, I would keep it.”

“But somebody lost it,” Peter says. Bennie laughs. “So what? They were careless. That’s why it’s your money now.” “I will have to think about it,” Peter says.“You don’t have to think about it,” Bennie says. “I’ll tell you what to do. KEEP THE MONEY. Buy yourself a new pair of shoes. Or a new cricket set.”

“No!” a girl’s voice sounds. It is Tanya from school. “Peter, the money doesn’t belong to you. You don’t have the right to keep it.”


Through The Eyes Of a Child

Good day to everyone.

Today I want to tell you my story of how I was bullied and how I was able to let bullies stop bullying me.I was only in grade 3 and 9 years old when the kids started mocking me and calling me names. The kids told me things like doubble eyes (cause of my glasses), stupid, weak, pig and (swear words that my mom said I shouldn’t use).

More and more I begun to feel that I am a bad person and a person who is never good enough for anyone. I felt that everyone hated me, that I would never find friends. And for that reason, I stopped talking to my parents about it. I became quiet, withdrawn and lost interest in everything.

I am now 12 years old and got up one morning and decided it was enough, I had enough of kids bullying me because I am not a bad person, I wear glasses because I am different from other children, (my parents again made me believe that children who wear glasses are very intelagent) and I am special. I’m not going to let other kids treat me bad and bully me just because it’s the only way they can feel good about themselves.

In the new school, children tried to bully me, but I went to the principal and talked to him about what was hurting me and made me feel sad. The principal moved me to another class. I thought the bullying would go on the next year, but I was wrong, it didn’t. I followed my parents’ advice and made them understand: “I am not afraid of you and will say my say. I’m NOT weak, I’m UNIQUE, my mom taught me. I can do something about wearing glasses, but you can NOT do anything about your bad personality.”

My advice as a 12 year old to other children who are being bullied is: Don’t be afraid of what others think of you. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone about it, remember: “Bullies is NOT allowed to do anything to you and there will ALWAYS be someone who will help you. Only you can decide if you will be harassed forever and let others bully you or are you going to stand up against them and stop them from bullying you.

Today I am a very happy and proud pupil of Brits Primary School.




Dear Mr Bully (Shared story)

Dear Mr Bully
Every time I see you,
I get frightened
When I see your face,
It’s like I’m seeing a tough bull,
My heart beats like a ringing bell
My mind becomes the siren of a police vehicle
My mind becomes unconscious
I start to feel crazy…
Thinking that I’d lose my mind.

My life is a mess because of you
I’ve no friends to talk to
It’s like I’m living in a void
I’m afraid of you, Mr Bully

What makes me cry is the fact that,
My money is your money
My food is your food
Everything that belongs to me,
Belongs to you too

You’ve tarnished my life
You’re an obstacle to my happiness
I want to be happy,
As a child who needs to

I’m powerless!
I can’t fight you
When I cry,
You laugh,
When I’m happy,
You’re sad.
Leaving me in too much depression
Lead me to have ridiculous thoughts
Thoughts that I think would set me free

I wish to go to a world without bullies
Where I’d enjoy a happy life
Without any distractions

My dream is to set myself free
To not feel any pain
To have happy life forever
But I don’t want to do that
I have sympathy for my loved ones
Though you can’t!
Set me free, Mr Bully

Allow me to be a happy kid
Every day I cry,
Feeling my tears running down my cheeks
Feeling that pain deep inside

You’ve turned my heart to riot
You’ve turned my life to hell.
When you choke me
With those bold hands like an elephant’s foot,
I pee to myself,
Knowing that I can’t defend myself.

When you kick me,
Kicking my bum as if you’re kicking a soccer ball
I feel like dying.

Allow me to be happy, Mr Bully
Just for once,
You’ve hurt me enough now
I bow on you
You’re my king
You’re my god

All I want from you
Is to set me free…

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Anti Bully

You’re NOT weak, You’re UNIQUE!

The Goal For My Site

So with my story, Let me like to encourage victims to not be afraid, speak up. Don’t be scared of what will happen if you do, cause you know what….the people you thought you could never tell what’s happening to you, is the ones who is going to be your best support system, they will support you through every single step. Rather, think of what will happen if you never talk about it and just keep it to yourself. By telling and sharing your story here on, like I did, you will and could help someone else to talk and share their story. That way, I believe we can stop the bullying, cause we are here to become stronger and stronger.


Yours Sincere

Sonia Davis

Founder of